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At Sunbury Plaza Dental, we have learned to embrace dental technology because of benefits it offers our patients. Among the benefits are comfort, precision and less time in the chair for dental patients.

We understand there is a fear sometimes associated with going to the dentist and we want to be able to do everything we can to dispel that fear. Every day, advances are being made in the field of dentistry that improve care and streamline visits for patients. Two technological advances we are taking advantage of here, at Sunbury Plaza Dental in Westerville, are Cerec one-visit crowns, and hand held dental lasers.

Cerec crowns allow patients to have ceramic restorations that blend perfectly with surrounding teeth without the need to come back for an additional visit. We design the crown and mill it, right here in our office, while you wait and you can leave with your new crown that day.

Dental lasers have revolutionized the control and precision dentists are able to have. Because of the precision involved, we are able to be more conservative in the amount of tooth structure removed, reducing the amount of time in the chair, as well as discomfort and healing time following a procedure.

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