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Dr. David Loveday
Dr. Beth Loveday

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6025 S Sunbury Rd
Westerville, Ohio 43081

Ph: (614) 891-6767
Fx: (614) 895-4720

Read what a few of our patients have to say:

I have been a patient for quite a while, and I appreciate that I am greeted as a person, folks ask about events in my life, my husband and my son. It is so nice to be viewed as a person. I have stayed a patient in this practice because I am very pleased with the care and attention I receive. Keep up the good work.
Susan W., Westerville, OH

Everyone was wonderful and highly professional! I am grateful for the help I received on short notice.
Patricia R., Newark, OH

Shaun was great; after I got home I noticed that she had given me a purple tooth brush after I mentioned it was my favorite color! That may sound trite, but it’s the little things that add up to a great experience. And also, Amy (I think was her name) did a wonderful job bleaching my teeth and explained everything really well. Dr. Dave, as always, was very kind. Everyone at Sunbury Plaza Dental is the BEST! Thank you.
Lana M., Westerville, OH

Everyone is very professional, emails, telephone, appointments, never have to wait. It’s very up to date on dentistry. I would recommend to friends and surrounding area of Westerville / New Albany.
Angie E., Westerville, OH

Great service, information and friendly environment. I’ll be back!
Karen F., Westerville, OH

LOVED my hygienist – she made the visit so much better for me (since I dread going to the dentist). She is a true gem!
Kim B., Westerville, OH

I have been with Sunbury Plaza Dental for almost 25 years now and the reason for that is that everyone is friendly and respectful. I have never had an issue with anyone on the team. Thanks for being a great cohesive team.

Melissa B., Westerville, OH

Jen did a great job cleaning my teeth and Kim was so kind and supportive when I had my treatment the next day (2 crowns and a filling). Dr. Dave did a fine job too. I love your staff---all of them!
Marianne T., Columbus, OH

Everyone was smiling and friendly, and they gave me a blanket because it was cold. I appreciated the kindness and the way they explained the procedures and next steps for me.
Chelsea K., Westerville, OH

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