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Repair Damaged or Missing Teeth

Custom, Lasting Restorations

Finding yourself with a tooth in need of repair or replacement is never a good situation. Our cosmetic dentists at Sunbury Plaza Dental make this process simple and easy, however, with our custom and long-lasting dental bridges and dental crowns in Westerville and the greater Columbus, OH areas! These restorations are designed to restore your dental function, while also looking and feeling like real teeth. In addition to traditional materials, we offer metal-free and zirconia crowns and bridges as more aesthetic and lasting alternatives.

With our streamlined and precise treatment process, we can restore your damaged or missing tooth in as little as two weeks. As long as you properly care for your smile, your new restoration will provide the function and aesthetics you need for years to come! If you have a damaged or missing tooth, we encourage you to schedule your appointment as soon as possible. We conveniently offer online scheduling to make this process easy!

dental crown model
dental crown model

Strengthen a Damaged Tooth

If you’ve cracked or chipped a tooth, or need a root canal, our dental crowns in Westerville, OH are a great solution. Dental crowns keep your natural tooth intact by providing a protective “cap” that covers its entire surface. This allows you to keep your tooth and give it the strength and durability for everyday activities like biting and chewing. We offer a 3-year warranty in all our crown treatments for peace of mind as long as you maintain your bi-annual visits to our office.

Crowns have many advantages, including:

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Replace a Missing Tooth

Dental bridges replace one or more teeth that are missing in a row. Designed as a series of dental crowns, a tooth bridge spans the gap of an empty tooth socket and attaches to natural teeth or dental implants on one or both sides. Remaining fixed to these teeth or implants, bridges can restore dental function and natural aesthetics to your smile. We customize these restorations to look just like natural teeth, so they are indistinguishable within your smile while providing the strength needed to bite and chew foods. The benefits of dental bridges include:

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