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Lasting Smile Transformations

Restore a Healthy, Confident Life

Missing teeth, or teeth that are decaying and loose, can make it virtually impossible to function properly or feel confident in yourself. You can’t eat foods comfortably. Your smile is falling apart. Your health is declining. You may feel like your situation is hopeless! Our greater Columbus area team at Sunbury Plaza Dental is here to ensure you that you can restore your function, health, and confidence through our complete smile transformations! Full mouth dental implants in Westerville, OH make this possible.

Full mouth dental implants replace all your decaying and missing teeth with a zirconia fixed bridge of teeth permanently attached to dental implants secured in your jawbone. With this new smile secured in place, you can experience restored function for eating, amazing smile aesthetics, and a renewed sense of confidence and quality of life! We complete these smile transformations—sometimes in as little as one day—right in our Westerville, OH dental office using the latest surgical technology and advanced materials. Don’t wait to secure your new smile with our personalized, long-lasting treatment! Reserve your consultation or free second opinion appointment today and learn more about the lasting solution you need for a more confident life.

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Choose the Lasting Solution

Full mouth dental implants are the only tooth replacement solution designed to last the rest of your life. If you choose removable dentures or you already have them, you may be aware that their functional limitations (namely, not addressing jawbone loss) can cause more concerns later on, including becoming ill-fitting and loose. Upgrading to implant supported dentures provide an additional layer of security from the dental implants. While a better solution than a removable one, they generally use traditional acrylic denture teeth that can crack and may need costly repairs in the future.

Full mouth dental implants provide a superior level of security, durability, and function. Additionally, because we use zirconia material for your custom bridge of teeth, your smile will look naturally beautiful, too, along with being strong enough to withstand the forces of biting and chewing. More than giving you a complete smile, full mouth dental implants restore your dental function and oral health, providing a significant and lasting boost to your confidence and quality of life.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants
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Experience Leads Your Treatment

Our team is comprised of restorative dentists, an oral surgeon for IV sedation, and a periodontist who specializes in dental and oral surgeries, including dental implants, bone grafting, and tooth extractions. Having these specialists on our team means you’re receiving treatment from the experts in dental implant placement and restoration, so you can rest assured knowing your care will be personalized, with predictably long-lasting results.

Coupling the surgical and restorative expertise of our team, we provide comprehensive dental implant treatment in one location. Not only does this streamline your treatment and overall cost but ensures that you receive the highest quality of care from start to finish. You won’t need to shuffle between specialist offices or see multiple doctors. Your entire team is right here at Sunbury Plaza Dental—friendly, experienced, and ready to transform your smile with full arch dental implants!

A Smile Transformation in Three Phases

Phase One: Consultation

Your treatment begins with a personalized consultation with our team. Consisting of an experienced periodontist and skilled dentists, we have the training and resources to provide a personalized, efficient, and predictable treatment, no matter how many teeth you’re missing. At your consultation, we’ll discuss what you can expect from treatment and dental implants, cost and payment options including dental financing, recovery and care of your new smile, and your quality of life after treatment.

Next, we’ll complete a comprehensive exam and take CBCT images of your mouth to assess the health and quality of your jawbone. This will guide us when planning your surgery to ensure the dental implants are placed where they will provide the greatest long-term support and strength. The more secure the implants are directly after being placed, the likelier it is that we can attach a temporary prosthesis for immediate function.

Phase Two: Dental Implant Surgery

Aided by a custom surgical guide pre-fabricated from the CBCT scans and planning software, we’ll place four or more dental implants into your jaw. Often, if you require tooth extractions or bone grafting, we can complete these preparatory procedures during this same surgical appointment. Though you may only require local anesthetic, we offer a variety of sedation dentistry services, including IV sedation to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience. Finally, if the primary stability of the dental implants is achieved, we’ll attach a custom temporary set of teeth that will provide function and aesthetics while you heal. You’ll leave with a complete and functional smile on the same day!

Phase Three: Healing and Final Restoration

Dental implants require a healing phase of three or more months to fully integrate with your jawbone. During this time, you’ll be able to eat like normal with a temporary fixed in place. Once healing is complete, we’ll remove this temporary and instead permanently attach your final prosthesis. This bridge of teeth is milled from a solid block of zirconia. With customization for amazing, life-like teeth and superior strength for long-term function, a zirconia fixed bridge will look, feel, and function just like healthy natural teeth. Enjoy your smile and new quality of life for decades to come!
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Comprehensive, In-House, Affordable

Full mouth dental implants are the ideal solution for failing and missing teeth, but they will cost more than traditional dentures and implant supported dentures. By placing and restoring your dental implants in-house, we can help streamline your treatment and its overall cost, often by offering bundled pricing as well. Our team works closely with your dental insurance to maximize any benefits. We also provide third-party dental financing, which allows you to pay for your treatment in small, monthly payments instead of in one upfront fee. With these affordability options, we have helped countless patients transform their smiles—and lives—with full arch dental implants. We can help you, too! Learn about your options by reserving a Teledentistry or in-person consultation with our team today.

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